Questions About Our Products

1) What kind of crystals are on the lighting fixtures?

Unlike our competitors where they use a mixture of crystals on a lighting fixture, we ONLY use one brand of crystal. Customers have a choice of Asfour, Spectra, or Strass crystal before check out.  We DO NOT carry plastics or crystal imitations for our products.

2) How are the crystal fixtures installed?

We have certified licensed installers. Price charged for installations varies depending on the height of the ceiling and the difficulty of the installation.  Please contact us via phone (626) 913-7898 or email info@crystalgallerylighting.com for a more accurate estimate.  Price on all products on our website do not include installation.

3) Do you carry more products and fixtures in your store than your website?

YES. We have a lot more styles in our retail store which is not listed on our website. Feel free to visit us anytime to one of our two locations.

4) How do you clean the crystal fixtures?

Crystals can be cleaned with dish soap and water. The frame can also be cleaned with dish soap and water.

5) Do you have warranties on the crystal fixtures?

YES. Crystalized Element and Seraphim Crystal products have 5 years warranty on frame. Crystals do not have warranties.