The Crystals

Crystal Samples

We welcome all of our customers to purchase crystal sample from us before your final decision to purchase any items.


Here are the explanations for the crystals we offer on some of our products.

Strass ® Swarovski ® Crystal (a.k.a. Swarovski Elements)


 strasslogo.png         image013.jpg

   • The finest crystal in the world
   • Manufactured in Austria using the same precision cut polishing method since 1892
   • World class cut, color and clarity, unmatched by any other crystal manufacturer
   • Every full lead Strass ® Swarovski ® crystal carries the STRASS Signature Laser logo, guaranteeing its authenticity.
   • Lead content: More than 30%


Spectra ® Swarovski ® Crystal


   • Swarovski's only lead-free light weight crystal    
   • Manufactured in Austria
   • Superior cut and surface polishing enhances and adds to the stone radiance
   • Strict technical standards make this Swarovski line a true market value.


Asfour Crystal



   • 30 % lead crystal with fine cutting and polishing.
    Manufactured in Egypt